Bikini and Burkina - different colors of the rainbow one

Bikini and Burkina - different colors of the rainbow one
 Bikini and Burkina is hardly rivals. These toilets - one a different color of the rainbow. They help women of different faiths feel comfortable in similar conditions. With the advent of bikinis Europeans feel more freely on the beaches, and burkini allow Muslim women to engage in water sports and swimming in public places.

When the bikini was first proposed by the designer Luis Rirdom, they created a furor. But, oddly enough, were not immediately taken to the podium. Apparently, 70-80 fashion was still somewhat puritanical. But only partly, because soon bikini appreciated by both sexes. Women - from the viewpoint of "flash" on the beach (if there was anything), and men - from the point of view of the audience. So bikini firmly established on the top lines of fashion parades.

There is a downside. Namely - burkini. This outfit coined Ahed Zanetti specifically for Muslim women. It is a fitting suit, hat with flowing cape and flared neck. In other words, only her face, feet, ankles, and part of the brush. This is an alternative hijab, which can not swim. In Burkina Muslim women can swim in public places, without violating the canons of Islam.

Originally burkini were black, to best resemble the hijab. Then designers began to experiment with color and prints, which led to the emergence of entirely charming, colorful beachwear.

Perhaps, Burkina - is not the most open outfit, but it does not take him sexuality. Made it out of thin water-repellent material that snugly fits the shape and resembles a wetsuit. And when you consider that in the East of the foot and ankle are considered some of the most erotic part of the body, Burkina can be considered quite daring invention. However, Muslim women are allowed to go out in it "beach light."

On the one hand, Burkina and bikini - antagonists invention. Bikini exposes the body and hides burkini feminine charms. But on the other hand, both emphasize attire being a woman, makes a woman attractive and are used in a beach fashion.

Historically, that bikini for the first time was considered "immoral." Women who wore it, criticized and fined. Today in some European cities suffered the same fate and Burkina. Many ladies alarming in such bathing suits, and access to the pools sometimes they even closed. Although fears are groundless, because burkini sew almost of the same materials as conventional swimwear.

Fabric, which is used for sewing these items toilet, dries quickly in the sun, without disturbing its owner. This fabric does not transmit ultraviolet light, so to be on the beach, it is possible at any time. Even at very high solar activity skin is protected from burns.

Similarly, as the bikini, Burkina does not hold down movements and enables women to actively move in the water, and breathable fabric in sufficient quantities, that was not hot on the beach.

Undoubtedly, bikini and Burkina different colors can be considered one of the rainbow. After all, this rainbow multicolor, it presents us with a large number of color combinations, and sometimes - the unexpected.

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