Vitamins for healthy eyes

Vitamins for healthy eyes
 During the day, your eyes get tired, especially in people who work in front of a computer monitor. Gradually may develop vision problems. In the use of essential vitamins can protect the eyes from the effects of negative factors and age-related changes.  
 The pharmacy in a wide range of different vitamin complexes to maintain visual acuity. Despite the fact that they indicated "No prescription" drink them without assigning an ophthalmologist is undesirable, and sometimes even dangerous. Correspondence consultation hotline is not always able to clarify. Need a complete fundus examination and vision screening.

To preserve the health of your eyes need the same substance as the central nervous system. Therefore, without the B vitamins can not do. They do not necessarily take the form of a tablet, as they are in most products.

B1 - thiamine it. With its lack of the normal operation of the eye may not be out of the question. Vitamin B1 is found in meat, yeast, potatoes, rye bread, wheat germ and vegetables. Diversify your diet these products.

B2 - riboflavin. It affects the metabolic processes that occur in the lens and cornea of ​​the eye. Deficiency leads to severe visual impairment. Vitamin B2 rich nuts, eggs, meat, liver, wheat germ and dairy products.

B6 - pyridoxine. He is involved in the recovery process of the optic nerves. With insufficient intake of this vitamin is observed severe fatigue, stress and redness. B6 contained in cabbage, fish, egg yolks, whole milk and cereals.

B12 or cyanocobalamin, has beneficial effects on the health of the nervous system and the eyes. Remarkably, cyanocobalamin is found in foods of animal origin. With a shortage of this trace element watery eyes, blush and fade. Eat more cheese, eggs, meat, fish and drink milk.

For eye health needs zinc, vitamins C and E, fatty acids and lutein. To them enough, varied and eat less stick to the diet. If you can not eat certain foods due to allergic reactions, consult your doctor about the use of vitamin supplements.

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