Vitamins for eyesight

Vitamins for eyesight
 Vitamins play an important role for the whole organism. Especially great is their significance for the people suffering from eye diseases. In some cases, a lack of nutrients can compensate for food, but sometimes without pharmaceutical drugs simply can not do.
 Visual acuity and eye health affects heredity, environment, lifestyle and a balanced diet. Vitamin A deficiency manifest itself tear, a constant feeling of eye fatigue and blurred vision in the dark. That is why it is important to include in your diet foods rich in retinol. His sources are carrots, sea buckthorn, wild rose, apricot, beef liver and dairy products.

If you have a rapidly declining visual acuity, photophobia, or there was a twitching eyelid, the cause may be a lack of vitamin B. They are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system, and is in the eyes of many nerve endings. B1 is found in vegetables and bread, B2 - in nuts and meat, B6 - in potatoes and cereals, and B12 - in fish and eggs.

Vitamin C normalizes capillary permeability, and therefore the first sign of deficiency are bleeding into the tissue of the eye. Ascorbic acid is found in large amounts in plant foods: berries, vegetables, citrus fruits.

Vitamin E normalizes the eye muscles. In case of lack of strong muscles weaken, resulting in the observed incomplete closure of the eyelids during sleep. Because of this, symptoms such as dryness and burning in the eyes. Source of vitamin E are cereals, vegetable oils, eggs and nuts.

To get a full range of vitamins need to eat right. The diet should be varied and include food both vegetable and animal origin. In the winter-spring period for the prevention and treatment of beriberi need to take vitamin and mineral preparations. Of course, only some vitamins poor vision can not be restored, however, prevent the occurrence of eye diseases is possible.

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