Negative emotions

Negative emotions
 All times are angry, sad or upset. And what emotions you are experiencing more: negative or positive? If negative, it is not whether they are permanent or intrusive? A similar phenomenon can turn into a real psychological problem that must be addressed.

Psychologists distinguish all 11 basic human emotions, which are obtained from a combination of all the rest. This 4 positive emotions: joy, delight (or delight), interest, surprise. And 7 negative: grief, guilt, anger, shame, fear, contempt, disgust. Not only that negative emotions almost twice as much as positive, so more and test their people more often.

The difference between positive and negative emotions simple. From the positive feelings you are experiencing growth, and the negative, on the contrary, leave all the power. Positive emotions cause other good feeling, but also tend to attract negative "buddies." For example, if you are angry, you will be contempt and disgust for them. Feelings of guilt necessarily entail shame and sorrow.

Negative emotions in everyday life are normal. But if you are experiencing them too often, the situation is bad. In the brain, there is a pathological dominant - stable negative sense in which other thoughts and feelings fade into the background.

Gradually, the person gets used to test only negative emotions. Easy enough to hint they immediately pop up in your head and come out of it very reluctantly. The man then becomes sad, apathetic, nothing pleased, no event bring him pleasure.

For whatever reason, you can become a hostage of negative emotions? If not satisfied with one of your four basic needs. Man for happiness, according to psychologists, it is necessary to love and be loved, to maintain peace of mind, self-realization and not get bored. You also need to maintain their health.

To defeat negative emotions, it is necessary to decide on any step to do something that just give a positive result. You can meet some important need, for example, to fulfill a longstanding wish. Then you need to build on the success, deliberately seeking out sources of joy.

Negative emotions are often developed under the influence of boredom and lack of entertainment. A very effective method of dealing with them in this case may be to obtain new knowledge. Seriously get excited about something - a great way to deal with a bad mood.

An important element to restore emotional balance will be communicating with people. Attend to a close, and if your circle of friends has narrowed, expanding it. Call old friends, meet with them.

And, most importantly, consciously or allow negative feelings. Watch your thoughts. If you have seriously decided to deal with the problem of negative emotions and bad mood, it's sure to get you.

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