Music therapy as a form of art therapy

Music therapy as a form of art therapy
 Currently therapy using different types of art is the direction of modern psychotherapy. It's not so much treatment as the development and harmonization of individual creativity to help solve many problems. Through art used natural method of healing and soul.

If we talk about the physiological component, all the music consists of rhythm. Brain areas of human regulate biological rhythms, because the area of ​​the brain affected by musical rhythms. Therefore, they have synchronized or activate.

For example, for fitness energetic music would be very appropriate, under it we move actively. But in a restaurant or when viewing the paintings during an art exhibition, suitable relaxing smooth music. That is, the human body, working in a state of reading rhythms adjusts to the rhythmic organization.

Mechanisms of action are divided into physiological, when the work of the brain is activated and psychological, when the music evokes emotions, and that means something to the person.

Art therapy uses one of only a certain kind of art. Musictherapy may be one of its species. Therapy can be active and passive. If you are listening to music, it is a passive therapy. If a person is involved in writing music, so active therapy.

Moreover, music is not intended to create a complete product, can be simply additional operating time. Treatment ears, create nothing, only to create - that's what music therapy.

Still no scientist opposed music therapy. On the basis of neuropsychology, physiology, activating effects rhythms researchers act only "for".

In the treatment of children with autism who are constantly immersed in themselves and have no interest in the world around them, music is very good help. The fact that these children need for means causing emotions, because the basic problem is not in processing information, and a small amount of use externally. These children do not go to the contact even with their own parents, the man for them traumatic link.

Do not hurt the baby dolphins, horses and music that promotes the child's contact with the person. Music therapy helps children to get involved in the interaction with others, here the child perceives the adult, not as an object but as a subject.

Also, the action mechanisms used in other forms of the therapeutic effect, for example, family therapy. In this case, music therapy is used as an exercise to establish a joint venture with a challenge to find spouses both liked music.

Researchers say that if you listen to classical music for 10 minutes, the performance of the brain increased. From classical works it can be music by Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky.

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