How to throw emotions

How to throw emotions
 People living accumulate a lot of emotions that need to go. Nevyplesnutye emotions are a heavy burden in our minds, in our souls. Feelings of joy, sadness, anger, require its implementation. The man who gave the will of inner experiences, feels lighter, freer, to some extent, even happier.
 Many people hide their feelings under any circumstances, but strong emotions still find a way to uncontrollable crying, screaming, stress, aggression and depression. Therefore wise to come up with adequate forms to splash their experiences.

The first step in this direction should be to allow yourself to experience strong emotions and feelings, including negative ones. It's personal reaction to the events. Man has the full right to expression of resentment, anger, joy to others. But it is important to learn how to express these feelings correctly.

Simple but effective, and most importantly, safe for the way - physical exercise. And this is absolutely not necessary to run in gyms, quite suitable brisk walking on the streets or in the park, rafting and climbing stairs at home, a simple squat - all this will play a positive role. Immediately feel the rush of emotion has passed, and the body feels tired. The next step - breathing exercises. Breathe deeply and evenly, can thus be considered: 3-4 - inhale, 6-8 - exhale. After a few minutes of deep breathing this will feel clearer mind, emotions under control. This method is good to use emotions spilling over with feelings that arise about unpleasant but short-term situations and problems.

And how to cope with the prolonged emotional states caused by prolonged stressful situations? For example, tensions at work or at home. The female body has learned to throw out the accumulated emotions through tears. A few minutes of crying - and the woman is already beginning to feel better. This is because the tears - the physiological mechanism that helps to cope with difficult situations and reduces excessive pressure. But it is important to remember that the tears - not always appropriate. Agree that in response to criticism chief in your address to arrange a tantrum tears somehow frivolous.

When you are alone, splash out their emotions screaming, tantrums, stamping feet, etc. But make sure that it does not become for you an exciting experience that brings pleasure. Do not cross the line when the normal disposal of accumulated emotions begin to turn into a cheat yourself and others too.

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