How to get the maximum benefit from vitamins

How to get the maximum benefit from vitamins
 Vitamins are essential to maintaining good appearance, maintaining vigor and health, as well as to protect the body from bacteria and viruses. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from vitamins, it is useful to learn how to cook and eat them rich foods.
 Eaten as a dessert fruit are of little use. Once in the stomach "on top" of other food, they will roam. It is best to eat fruit after about a couple of hours after dinner.

Bought fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator. It should not be buying them for future use. If fruits and vegetables do not plan to use in food in the next few days, it is better to give preference to their frozen counterparts. Because frozen fruits and vegetables retain more vitamins than fresh, but for a long time kept in the refrigerator.

Add salt and sauce in salads need just before serving. Otherwise, vegetable juice and have time to allocate vitamins simple oxides.

Vitamins are destroyed by cooking and heat treatment, and it is inevitable. However, if the vegetables cut into large chunks, vitamins in cooked dishes retain more. Clean vegetables better right before cooking. Need to start cooking in boiling water, not cold. In addition, you should not cook the vegetables stored in the broth. All these measures will help to preserve vitamins.

Vitamins A, E, D and K are fat-soluble. Therefore, it is necessary for their assimilation daily use vegetable oil, at least one tablespoon.

Frozen fruits and berries can not be thawed in the water - with a defrosting lost many nutrients. A frozen vegetables do not need to be thawed before cooking.

Sometimes the amount of vitamins in foods can even increase. For example, sauerkraut, dried rosehips, rubbed with sugar, currants and pickled apples, cranberries and cloudberries are more useful than the original products.

A good way to keep the winter vitamins berries and fruits is their drying. Only the drying process should be organized not in the sun, and in a dry and well-ventilated area.

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