How to conduct a DNA test

How to conduct a DNA test
 Analysis of DNA resort for various reasons, but most often, is to establish paternity or other kinship. Modern medicine can conduct genetic analysis in a short time, and this will require the simplest sample of biological material of two people.
 For analysis of genetic similarity does not matter what kind of cells will be analyzed. Suitable saliva, hair, nails, skin, semen, blood, bones. In most cases the DNA analysis is carried out using saliva.

An hour before you donate saliva for analysis, you should not eat, smoke or drink. Immediately prior to the delivery of biological material need to rinse your mouth with clean water. In this case, you can not use toothpaste or mouthwash.

The procedure is performed in a genetic laboratory, clinic or research institute. Starting the it with the fact that the cotton swab is carried out on the inside of the cheek inside the mouth of the patient. This must be done about twenty times.

Then the end of a cotton swab, which was going to saliva for genetic testing, is cut off and placed on a clean sheet of paper. The object is left in this position for two hours, the room in which it is located, should be well ventilated, and the sample should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

All procedures should be repeated two more times, and thus, eventually obtained three DNA sample per patient.

After pass two hours waiting, the sample is placed in a paper envelope and sealed. This is done exclusively by means of water or adhesive. The envelope make an identification label. For example, in the event that a genetic analysis is carried out to establish paternity, write on the envelope "Possible father." The same analysis is taken from the child who is the first patient can account for possible father.

In the collection and storage of test samples must observe the strictest security measures: they are in any case should not be traces of third parties, and there should not be even the slightest contact with other objects.

The usual period of the study samples in genetic laboratory is one to two weeks. After the procedure the participants analysis sent a formal opinion.

In that case, if a man does not have his father said the child, the test will be negative by 100 percent. But in the case of actual paternity test result will be positive 99, 99 percent.

DNA testing is the most accurate means of establishing relationships. Kinship through the male line by means of genetic testing can be set to the seventh generation. This is due to the fact that no matter how distant relatives nor were men, they would have the same kind for their Y-chromosome.

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