How to collect analyzes

How to collect analyzes
 Analyses have to pass not only sick people, but also very healthy, such as getting help for recruiting office or when applying for a job. However, many do not know that you need to collect the tests, subject to certain requirements, the violation of which can lead to unreliable results.
 The most common is a complete blood count. On it you can draw conclusions about the presence of a plurality of pathologies, so he gives up much more frequently than others. If you have to pass a blood test, the 12 hours prior to this procedure, refrain from eating, and 24 hours exclude heavy physical activity, alcohol intake, and use of the sauna or bath.

Do not take the medication immediately before testing. Procedures such as massage, X-ray, intramuscular or intravenous injection can also lead to incorrect results. Do not forget to relax and calm down before the door of the lab, if you are in a hurry or worry.

No less popular is the urine test. Before collecting the urine, carefully wash the vulva and wipe dry with a towel. Neglect of personal hygiene and the use of dirty dishes often leads to incorrect results and the need to be tested again.

Women are not encouraged to be tested during menstruation. If this procedure is inevitable, it is necessary to resort to the use of a tampon and a more careful toilet of the external genitalia.

For a general analysis is necessary to collect the first morning urine. However, several milliliters merge into the bowl, and the rest - in a sterile container. Do not use for the collection of analyzes pot or vessel as to achieve their sterility is difficult. To analyze enough 50-100 ml of urine. It should be as soon as possible to deliver it to the laboratory: no later than 2-3 hours after collection.

If your doctor has prescribed you a stool, it should not be collected after the enema and X-ray of the stomach. Three days before the date of analysis it is necessary to abandon the use of laxative drugs and medicines that change the color of feces. These include activated carbon, bismuth preparations, iron and others.

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