How to calculate the blood group

How to calculate the blood group
 Blood group ABO most often determined by standard izogemagglyutiniruyuschih sera. This method has not lost relevance because it is easy to carry out, is valid and does not require large financial costs. What is the method of determining blood groups?
 Research is conducted in a room with good lighting and air temperature + 15 + 25 degrees Celsius. It requires the following equipment: 2 sets of standard sera of various series I (0), II (A), III (B) groups and 1 ampoule serum IV (AB), clean dry white plate, wax crayon, scarifier, cotton, pipettes, slides alcohol and saline.

The plate is divided wax crayons into 4 sectors that sign clockwise: I (0), II (A), III (B) and IV (AB). In each sector to 2 drops of the same name sera one of a series, the other - from the second, only the square of IV (AB) is left blank. Between the drops left distance is less than a centimeter.

Pad of a finger treated with alcohol and abruptly pierced with a needle-spear. The first drop of blood is removed appeared wool subsequent soak slides different angles and mixed into each of the droplets of sectors I-III. Blood counts should be 5-10 times less than that of serum, another study is misleading.

Taking up the plate and shake light circular movements for 3 minutes. Then pipette in each drop a small amount of saline is needed to exclude false agglutination. After 5 minutes, evaluate the results of the study. When prompted agglutination (gluing together of red blood cells that outwardly manifests the appearance of flakes) in the sectors I and III render an opinion on the study of blood belonging to II (A) group. III (B) group gives agglutination in sectors I and II. If we study the blood I (0) group, then there will be no agglutination with a serum, whereas IV (AB), the group will stick together red blood cells in all three sectors. When the flakes all three sera with the control sample is serum IV (AB) by the same procedure as that described above. If the IV sector agglutination does not appear, it is concluded that supplies blood to the IV (AB) group.

Any other results indicate wrong conduct research. The reasons could be the improperly stored serum is too high or, conversely, a low ambient temperature, failure to study art.

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