How do I know patency of tubes

How do I know patency of tubes
 Fallopian tubes - one of the common causes of female infertility. The reason may be as various violations in the health of the reproductive system, and inflammation in the pelvic cavity. Obstruction of the tubes increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, so if you suspect this disease should undergo the necessary tests.
 There are several approaches to the study of tubal patency. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Hysteroscopy to evaluate the state of the probe through the pipe, which is introduced into the uterine cavity. At the tip of the probe is a small camera whose image appears on the screen. Gynecologist can be concluded as the diameter of the pipes is correct, there are no adhesions between the walls. In addition, the probe slightly expands the cavity, which may slightly increase the chance of pregnancy.

Another method is called hysterosalpingography. During the procedure through the vagina into the uterus of a contrasting liquid is introduced via a catheter, and then make a radiograph of the reproductive system. According to it, determine whether the liquid goes into the pelvic cavity and on what sites flotation tubes absent.

Since frequent exposure X-ray does not affect the health beneficial, was developed gisterosalpingorafii intrusive option, which employ ultrasound. This method is considered less reliable, but does not require sophisticated equipment.

When laparoscopic investigation into the uterus also introduce contrast liquid. In the pelvic cavity through a puncture in the abdomen introduce small camera and observe whether the liquid passes through the fallopian tubes. Moreover, using this equipment can be detected and adhesions interfere with the normal functioning of the reproductive system. If you enter into the cavity of the additional micro tools may colliotomy. The efficiency of this operation is about 60%.

Laparoscopic examination is usually performed under general anesthesia. After it is recommended to spend several days in the hospital.

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