Excess and deficiency of chlorine in the body

Excess and deficiency of chlorine in the body
 Chlorine Cl (Chlorum - Lat.) Is translated from the Greek as "green." In its simplest form - is yellowish-green poisonous gas with a pungent odor. Found in nature, it can only be in the form of compounds, because due to their activity over it engages with almost all of the chemical elements of the periodic system. On the ground, the largest of its share - in seawater. A number average human body (clarke number) of chlorine relative to the total weight of the body is 0 to 25%, that a lot, and because of its role in the body is high.

Chlorine is the most important and indispensable nutrients, created and maintained jointly with sodium and potassium constancy of the osmotic pressure in the body and regulates the acid-base and water-salt metabolism. It is necessary for the nervous system and the full activity of the muscles. In addition, chlorine - the most important component of the transport system of cellular metabolism and maintain the pH of the cells.

It is mainly absorbed in the large intestine and excreted by the kidneys and partly - sweat. Therefore, urine is thus an indicator for determining the content in the body.

Salt, it is sodium chloride, is none other than the compound of sodium and chlorine. That is, if we keep the rate of consumption of salt (up to 3 grams per day for young and 2, 5 g - for the elderly), we obtain with her all the required amount of chlorine. Thus, the "white death" - is the subject of heated academic debate and sharp - at the same time is the basis for a healthy life.

And overabundance of chlorine, and the lack of a negative effect on the body.

Fans of salt-free diets are at risk not only to lose weight, how to gain muscle weakness and fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and unhealthy loss of taste. This dramatically deteriorating condition of the skin, hair, nails and teeth. More dramatically reduced chlorine content by dewatering (vomiting, diarrhea, excessive intake of diuretics), and when in the stomach and 12 have duodenum inflammation. The acute shortage of chlorine, the truth is very rare (because we overeat salt rather than indulge in it) can cause a serious condition, up to coma and death.

No less serious threat and is a surplus of chlorine. Chlorine kills intestinal flora, causing pressure surges, leading to hypertension and cardiovascular disorders, increasing the risk of stroke. The first signs of excess chlorine - swelling. Chlorine vapor poisoning - a separate issue, since in this case required urgent hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation of the respiratory tract, received chemical burns.

The main thing is to be temperate in all things, and then rewarding the body will respond to us in good health. It is also important to remember that chlorinated water is suitable only for technical use, but harmful to the ingestion - increases the risk of cancer, weakened mental development, which particularly affects the child's body.

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