Every whim for your money? Not always

Every whim for your money? Not always
 Advertising on TV, in the subway, advertising stands on the street - everywhere touted various services. Clinics tell us what magical results can give plastic surgery, beauty salons promise wholly get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Rejuvenation procedures appeared to suit every taste. Striking a variety of creams, lotions, gels and the rest of cosmetics.

People are starting to wonder why expensive cosmetics is not always effective, and sadly calculate how much money is thrown to the wind. So you want to buy some expensive jar of cream and be sure that it really can help to solve the problems that are addressed by it and develop. But often this does not happen and you have to hope to buy more and more different jars.

Getting rid of wrinkles and preventing the appearance of wrinkles - the most popular destination cosmetology. Any woman is afraid, looking at himself in the mirror and see a new wrinkle. As soon as it appears, manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty salons are getting a little richer. Unfortunately, the effect could either not be, or will be temporary improvements.

Wildly popular acquired laser hair removal, but for some reason all salons are silent about the possible consequences. But there are people who have suffered from this, received life trauma. If not work with the equipment may occur complications such as thermal burns of the skin, the appearance of blisters, the appearance of the infection, hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the skin.

Even simple trip to the hairdresser to make a perm does not guarantee that the hair will remain intact. After all, if the expert has paid off with a concentration of or slightly overdo it, the consequences will be terrible, is likely to remain a tuft of hair at the crown. How long have to wear a wig until new hair grows back.

Strengthening Hair - a standard procedure that is performed every woman in the home. Buying a variety of hair mask, ensuring a lush head of hair in just a month, carefully spread on the head, we maintain the right amount of time, and a month later frantically looking at the reflection of the mirror to make sure that a miracle happened. But a miracle or not, and the beauty industry is gaining momentum.

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