You can check the health of hands ...

You can check the health of hands ...
 Oh man tell palm can not only fortune teller. It turns out that our hands carry a lot more information about us than you might think. As of the skin, nails, and even the length of the fingers can draw conclusions about the state of health and suggest possible diseases.  

About many things can tell the temperature of the hands. If your hands are almost always cold, then most likely, you have violated the peripheral circulation. This may be caused by lack of vitamins, as well as vegetative dystonia and hypotension in which palm still wet. In this case, you should consult a neurologist. Wet palms with warm hands can be a consequence of hypertension.

If you feel that burn palm, then suffering is likely to liver, not coping with intoxication. In pulmonary diseases hands often with hot and very dry. Bluish fingertips and cold hands can talk about heart failure. The thyroid gland also affects the condition of the hands. When thyroid hyperfunction hands are usually wet, and at a hypo - dry and pale.

It is important to condition the skin. If the skin has become dry, got a yellowish shade or even carrot worth checking liver, gallbladder and pancreas (that is probably broken the flow of bile). An indicator of impaired liver function and bowel may be cracks between the toes. Violations vascular system says "marble" pattern on the palms.

In some diseases there is numbness in the fingers. For example, little fingers go numb with cardiac diseases, and thumbs up for respiratory diseases. Swollen, reddened and swollen joints are signs of arthritis.

Something can be said as nails. Longitudinal scars on nails can occur from improper diet, it is necessary to revise the diet. White spots appear on the lack of calcium in the body or from high blood sugar levels. Much exfoliating nails can be a consequence of metabolic malfunction of the ovaries, or just a frequent contact with aggressive household cleaning products.

Of course, to put an accurate diagnosis on the one hand only impossible, but if you notice any change in the state hands, it is better to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate.

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