The consequences of sunbathing ...

The consequences of sunbathing ...
 Sometimes people forget that the sun's rays pose a major risk. Too long or improperly organized sunbathing can lead to the most disastrous results.

You need to take a sunbath at certain periods, when the sun is at its zenith. This early morning till evening hours and 10-11 after 16 hours.

Necessarily have to cover the head, optimally - Panama broad, plain baseball cap does not protect the ears, and they - the most common place for skin cancer.

Before. how to start tanning, we have to impose a protective sunscreen. If you periodically bathe, do not forget after each call in the pond to impose a new layer of cream. Protection factor for a holiday in the sun must be at least 15.

Bottle of clean water should always be at your fingertips, you need to drink often, in small portions.

If you still failed to comply with all the conditions of the competent relaxing in the sun, you may experience heat or sunstroke. When heat stroke occurs overheating of the whole organism, and sunny - a head overheating due to direct exposure to the sun on his head.

Signs of heat stroke - facial flushing, weakness, nausea, vomiting, darkening of the eyes, fever. With increasing symptoms may lose consciousness, the heart and breathing rate, up to a cardiac arrest.

Heat stroke - an extreme form of overheating, its symptoms - loss of consciousness, cessation of sweating, dry, pale skin, possible convulsions.

At the first symptoms of malaise need to go into the shadows, lie down, feet up higher, put on the head of a wet cold towel. If possible, it is better to leave the room and take a cool bath or wrap in wet sheets. Drink clean cool water every 5-10 minutes. If there are no contraindications, you can take painkillers such as paracetamol or Nurofen.

Do not go out in the sun, and do not drink alcohol, do not engage in any physical work, until you feel better. Stay on bed rest for about two days to move away from the effects of overheating completely.

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