Mouth guards for teeth whitening: pros and cons

Mouth guards for teeth whitening: pros and cons
 White smile girls from commercials that tempt us to buy one, then other means to achieve at least a small fraction of teeth whitening that advertising promises. Modern dentistry offers a method of achieving crystal white - caps for teeth whitening.

Mouth guards for teeth are removable structure, which is used for oral care and dental treatment. This design is made from a special non-toxic material, so it can be used not only for adults but also for children over the age of thirteen.

Capa jaw adjacent to both sides and have a later time ceases to be noticeable in the mouth. Remove it as needed (at night, during meals, brushing teeth, etc.). For the purpose of whitening teeth at several tones were placed in a special mouthpiece gel or paste, which action is directed to brightening and enamel.

Benefits whitening with cap.

The main advantage of this method is its availability and low cost. If you would not afford a visit to the dental clinic for the purpose of whitening teeth whitening procedure as in clinics cost about a few hundred dollars, use a mouth guard for teeth whitening. If you are unable to keep caps on teeth during the day, you can enjoy them at night while you sleep. Just advantage of the method is the possibility of whitening at home.


Unfortunately, teeth whitening by using the cap is not a panacea for the control of yellow stained teeth. In some cases, the use of this method does not bring the desired results. Firstly, the capacitor artificial teeth not bleached. Secondly, it is forbidden to use cap with gum disease, and people wearing braces. Thirdly, the presence of allergic reactions to the constituent components of the bleaching gel also allows the use of end caps. Fourth, it is forbidden to use kapami pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years.

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