Gemokod - whether or not to believe?

Gemokod - whether or not to believe?
 Now there are more and more diets on the basis of something Supernova and ultra-modern. You promise weight loss by eating just one product or the other way round, a fantastic weight loss what have you stop one thing. Diet for blood group, by name and diet zodiac sign. And they say, you can take a blood test and get a detailed printout with an indication of what to eat and what is absolutely contraindicated. Whether to believe this?

Gemokod - this information encrypted in your own blood. You take the analysis in a special clinic and specialists check your blood compatibility with different types of products. This method is based on the research of scientists who proved that various substances contained in foods may have on the number of blood platelets and certain influence. There are categories of substances that our body is very difficult to completely break down, so use them, even in small quantities, has a toxic effect, causing mikrootravleniya.

How can you lose weight using this method? Studies have shown that the reaction of the blood on the substances contained in various foods was different. After analysis you receive a detailed list of products with an indication of how your blood reacted - positively or negatively. Respectively, then everything is very simple: negative products should be excluded from your diet, and those in which there was no response, you can continue to use as before.

However, despite the beauty and attractiveness of the method in a number of significant drawbacks. Firstly, its relative high cost: the minimum cost analysis is about ten thousand. Secondly, the analysis of a person passes the same time, it does not make any allowances for the fact that the composition of the blood depends on many different factors and is constantly changing even during the day. It turns out that if you go through the same analysis at different times, you can easily get the opposite results. Oh, and besides, the technique is fairly new and reliable statistical data indicating that such a diet really helps to lose weight, just do not.

On the other hand, in the modern world on our bodies really affects a huge number of different hazardous and toxic substances, and many of them found it in food. Therefore, in principle, there is nothing wrong with that, to find out what products are more useful for you, and which cause allergies or digestive disorders. The only more or less clear comments that give people who hold such a diet, reduced to the fact that significantly improves the overall health and immunity. Agree, this is not bad. As for weight loss in this way, it is best to consider food as an option on Gemokod healthy balanced diet and nothing else.

If so, you definitely want to go Hemotest and find out what products you are contraindicated, it is better to do it a few times to be able to compare the results. Oh and if they are all fundamentally different from one another, then we can make a list of products that will help you eat more properly. In any case, it's up to you - believe it or not. Watch your health and weight control can be different ways.

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