Color Meditation

Color Meditation
 Color meditation can reduce stress, elevate mood, improve emotional state and fill the body with extra energy. And all this is due to its ability to emit a certain color wave effect on mental and physical health.
 Color meditation can be used for both mental and physical recovery. But in order to get what is called the point, it is necessary to look closely to a particular color, as each of them has an effect on specific organ and different emotional state.

To carry out the color of meditation a sheet of colored paper or make the desired color in the interior of the room (can be in the form of the object). However, it should not combine several shades. Take a break from all the work and thoughts and for 10-15 minutes looking at the colored object. Relax your eyes to look gradually became pensive and through the color rushed into the distance. Imagine that he got inside. Dissolve in it, close your eyes, and for some time remained with the sensation of color before your eyes.

After the color of meditation, drink a glass of water prepared in advance. Pre-put it on the cup holder color, the same color as that used in meditation. During its implementation will apprehend all the energy of water color and give it every cell of the body, which will further strengthen its action.

Color meditation can perform both at home and at work. This will help to focus on the process, and at home to relax and restore physical health.

With loss of strength, use red. Due to the activation of blood circulation and improve the cardiovascular system, it increases the body's energy. And also raises hemoglobin, regulates the activity of the liver and kidneys.

If your life is no longer happy events occur or no strength to change something, use orange. His power is so strong that it is able to eliminate many of the negative state - depression, stress. Moreover, this color rejuvenates and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, pancreas, spleen, blood vessels and small intestine.

To stimulate mental activity and creative ideas, use yellow. It perfectly stimulates the intellect and, in addition, it is useful for the lymphatic system and digestive system.

When severe irritation and emotional arousal, use green. It soothes, relaxes and at the same time filled with new positive energy. In addition, it is good for the eyes, bronchi, enzymatic and endocrine systems.

In order to prevent conflicts or Dispute use blue. He is able to defuse a tense situation. In terms of physical condition, he has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action and good exposure to the eyes, ears, nose, throat and appendages.

If at work and at home began failures, refer to the purple. He activates both hemispheres, and help to find a sure way out of all the existing situation. Also, it is useful for migraines, insomnia and depression.

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