Salt: a useful element or "white" death?

Salt: a useful element or "white" death?
 Perhaps nowhere in the world today do not meet such food that would have been associated with so many traditions, superstitions, and recipes would be appreciated as expensive as ordinary table salt. Virtually every culinary recipes featured this ingredient. For the first time in the history of salt is mentioned more than 30 thousand years ago. And during all this time people argue about the benefits or dangers of this product. In fact, salt and harmful and beneficial simultaneously.

In recent years, a healthy lifestyle, many people have associated with salt-free diet. More and more people are inclined to believe that the salt - the "white" death. " However, carried out for the past half-century research on the use of salt or the time and did not tip the balance in any of these parties. Still, it helps to understand what the benefits and the harm NaCl.

Salt damage
Scientists have shown that high salt intake adversely affects the functioning of the heart, blood vessels have disrupts the kidneys can lead to myocardial infarction, stroke, and hypertension. This terrible disease is the effect of excessive consumption of sodium chloride. For example, studies have shown that from 1 billion 30% of hypertensive patients acquired this disease due to the fact that love to add more salt in their food. If you abuse the salt, you can also purchase such ailments as edema, calcium metabolism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, as well as eye cataracts and excessive swelling. But all of these health problems will never touch that taketh salt sparingly and not abuse.

The use of salt
Doctors believe that the normal existence of the human body without the use of salt is unthinkable. Salt plays an important role in the normalization of water-salt and potassium ion-natriyno exchanges. The secret lies in the chemical formula of salt. As is known, it consists of a solution (40%) and chloride (60%). Both are necessary to the human body.

Sodium found in the extracellular fluid, bone, cartilage, as well as the cells themselves. It is found in human breast milk, blood, bile, pancreatic juice. In combination with potassium (K), sodium normalizes water-electrolyte metabolism, is involved in the reduction of all muscles, maintains normal blood pressure, controls the passage of electrical impulses. This element also oversees the work of nerve impulses. As for the chlorine, it is a part of the hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach. Its deficiency threatens to digestive problems.

Abandon the salt completely in any case impossible. The result of such an act may be the disruption of the cardiovascular system, the destruction of bone and muscle tissue, smooth muscle spasms, disruption of nervous and mental systems, anorexia, osteoporosis and more. Can even be fatal.

Some products contain salt initially, so doctors do not recommend salting everything. If you live in a place where a hot climate, and thus the greater the loss of fluid, the approximate dose of about 25 grams of salt, if the climate is temperate - 10 grams.

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