Raw food diet: harm and benefit to the organism

Raw food diet: harm and benefit to the organism
 In recent years, the civilized world is divided into two "opposing" sides - those who advocate the consumption of food only raw, not cooked, product and those who continue to consume soups, steaks and other dishes of classical cooking.
 Raw foodists, that is consuming raw foods (instead of cheese, as some may think), sincerely believe that the only way to enter the body all the solar energy that is absorbed the plant during its growth. Some proponents of a raw food diet even consume fish or meat - raw. But most of them are vegetarians or vegans even (that is, those who refuse even to milk, eggs and honey).

According to raw foodists fire - there is a destructive element. Food, heat treated (boiled, fried) loses its beneficial properties, decreasing the content of vitamins, trace elements in it and changes its original taste.

What is the use of a raw food diet?
Undoubtedly, such a diet helps clean the body, especially the poor performance is good bowels. Raw food diet brings favorable results in various skin diseases, joint diseases, atherosclerosis. It improves water metabolism, lowers blood pressure in hypertension. Among the supporters of eating raw foods less with cancer and cardiovascular.

In addition, a feeling of fullness when eating raw foods occurs much faster, which is good to prevent obesity and helps in the fight against obesity. Cabbage to eat the whole is much more difficult than, for example, a cake or a loaf of sausage!

But the raw food diet has a number of negative aspects. For example, requires a lot of effort to such power was complete. Otherwise rawfoodist deprive your body of the set of trace elements and vitamins. And instead of healing and tidal forces get exacerbation of chronic "sores" and exhaustion.

By eating raw fish, meat (such as carpaccio or he) has a chance to swallow the eggs of parasites or some dangerous bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Overreliance on legumes, to compensate for animal protein, causes harm to the body. And in foods such as spinach, rhubarb, contain oxalic acid, which prevents the absorption of excess not only calcium, but other minerals.

Under certain chronic diseases (pancreatitis, ulcers, colitis) raw food diet is strictly prohibited.

The choice of diet - it is each person. But it is necessary to treat everything carefully and look around equilibrium. Raw food diet - great for fasting days or even weeks (not for nothing that exists among Christians Lent), but it is better not to do it with meaning of all life.

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