Products life-prolonging

Products life-prolonging
 Healthy lifestyle, which allows not only prolong life, but also to make it a full-fledged every day involves proper nutrition. Balanced food regime is needed to ensure that each organ of the human body received all necessary for normal functioning of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

Very important for the body tissue, researchers from the National Cancer Institute put life expectancy in direct dependence on its amount that gets the body with food. In this case, women should consume on a daily basis for at least 25 grams, men - not less than 38. That's it prevents the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, chronic infections. Source of fiber is figs and prunes, in a berry which contains up to 2 grams of fiber. In 100 grams of almonds contains 9 grams of fiber, and in portions of cooked lentils - 8.

Alzheimer's disease, which affects aging people and cancer retreat, if you eat only one apple a day. It contains kvartsetin neutralizing free radicals, as well as trace elements and vitamins, prolonging a healthy heart and blood vessels, improves the immune system.

For the heart is very useful fish you want to eat more often than meat. Even receiving a total of 30 grams of fish per day reduces the risk of heart attack by half. All this is due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which many in the fish. In addition, a great element that allows to maintain youthful skin.

Your diet must be and garlic reduces the risk of developing cancer of the stomach, improve digestion. It reduces the risk of vascular disease, as substances which are contained in it also hamper the occlusion. No less useful and pepper, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss. Its use prevents the growth of spoilage bacteria in the stomach and intestines.

Carrots are rich in fiber and containing beta-carotene, very useful for the maintenance of visual acuity and neutralize free radicals that trigger the development of cancer. So that it is absorbed better, carrots should be consumed with cream or sour cream.

Strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the brain soy products. It is an indispensable source of vegetable protein. Especially a lot of essential body nutrients found in sprouts bean sprouts.

Over the years in the body decreases the amount of calcium required for bone strength. Therefore, milk and milk products must be present in the diet, especially for women who are exposed to such dangerous diseases as osteoporosis - brittle bones.

Proper and balanced diet will help you stay young for a long time and are physically active.

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