Nectarines: composition and useful properties

Nectarines: composition and useful properties
 Many believe that the nectarine - a product of clever crossing several fruits genetics. However, as it turned out, this beautiful and delicious fruit is very original and has very ancient origins. If more considered nectarines, their composition and useful properties, we can see their striking resemblance to his cousin peach.

Nectarines, composition and useful properties which are so similar to peaches, apparently differ only smooth skin. Owes its name to the nectar, member of those in large quantities. Homeland nectarines - China. Here they grow several millennia. The largest manufacturers of nectarines today - Cyprus, Italy, Tunisia, Greece and the former Yugoslav union.

Version that goloplodny peach (also called as nectarines) - a hybrid of peach and plum or apricot - just a myth. Nectarines were due to selective sampling and simple mutation of peaches.

Despite the fact that the biological characteristics and chemical composition of peach and nectarine are very close, nectarines much sweeter than peaches. For its sweetness and no lint on the skin, he was recognized primarily in children. A composition in the presence nectarines provitamin A, ascorbic acid, phosphorus, potassium and iron, these benefits make any essential in the diet for adults.

Nectarines can be applied in different variations. In the raw form they increase alkalinity of the medium, and in dried form rich in trace elements and minerals. Helpful and especially tasty billet nectarines in the form of jams, marmalades and compotes.

Seeds of some varieties of nectarines can be substituted almonds, as they are similar in their biological composition. Nectarines find application in pharmacology and - their seed obtained from a fatty oil. It serves as the basis for production of medicines and ointments. Shells from seed nectarines used to form activated carbon. Wood nectarines, thanks to the invoice and the ability to polish, is used in the production of souvenirs. Trees nectarines are very beautiful, bright colors of their fragrance emitting essential oils, attracting bees and turns nectarines in excellent honey plants.

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