Mineral water: 10 important facts

Mineral water: 10 important facts
 In any natural mineral water contains the same components that are present in our body and its healing properties is based on filling the imbalance. Its chemical composition is precisely known, so it is possible to reproduce it in the laboratory. However, to get the same therapeutic effect as having natural mineral waters, the composition of which was formed due to long leaching of chemical elements from geological rocks, not yet obtained.

There are two types of mineral water: natural, which are created by nature and are mineral springs and artificial, that people are made in an industrial environment by mineralization of ordinary water. In their composition, they are divided into three types: table water, in which mineralization of up to 2 g / l; medical-table water - 8.2 g / l mineralization and medicinal water, which contains 12.8 g / l mineralization.

The first kind can drink all without exception. The water of the second type and the third can be drunk only after consulting with your doctor. When you receive a third type of water necessarily need to drink plain water and not to gipermineralizatsiya occurred in the body.

When buying mineral water in the distribution network should pay attention to the expiration date. Over time, the mineral composition of the liquid in the bottle changes. The same applies to mineral water, typed in open source. In a plastic container composition of the water remains the same throughout the year and a half, and in the glass a little longer - about 2 years.

List of minerals contained in the water must be indicated on the label of the bottle. All mineral waters are acidic component. PH levels greater than 7 indicates that the water - Alkaline if pH is less than 7, the face - acidic water. Water having a pH 7 - neutral.

Laboratory data on the composition of mineral water must be renewed every 5 years. Essential minerals that are contained therein - calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Mineral water is ideal not only for oral administration, but also for outdoor use. With its help carry out various baths, rinses and other treatments.

Mineral water drink on an empty stomach or before meals. It is necessary to drink only in warm, sometimes even a heated state. This can be done in a water bath, but not on the open fire.

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