Lentils: useful and healing properties

Lentils: useful and healing properties
 Incredibly, there were times when it was Russia that was a major global supplier and, of course, the manufacturer of lentils. Once without lentils can not do any one table: from it did soups, stew and even baked bread. For the poor, it was everyday food, but for the rich - an exclusive delicacy.

Unfortunately, for some reason, lentils was unfairly and unjustly forgotten for many years. In an industrial scale it is now only grown in the southern regions of our country and find it on sale is not in every store. The main importers of lentils in our country - India and some countries of southern Europe.
Meanwhile, the lentils have all the necessary human body micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is a natural source of protein, from which the lentils is more than a third. It may be necessary for a person to find the amino acids and iron.
This legume has a wonderful property - it does not accumulate toxins, so it can be grown anywhere in the truest sense of the word. This explains the therapeutic value of lentils - it is so useful that simply can not do much harm.
Lentils recommend eating with nervous disorders, urolithiasis, colitis and ulcers. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, too, should eat more lentils. And in diabetes the regular use of lentils will help reduce blood sugar.
Moreover, lentils helps to update the blood due to the high potassium content. Maternity dish of lentils a godsend: fiber regulates the chair, and it contains trace elements (eg, folic acid) contribute to the proper development of the fetus.
In general, regular eating lentils marked increase in the tone of the whole organism and strengthening the immune system. The thing is that the treatment in any way in lentils retained most of the nutrients. That's what makes it so useful.
Lentils - an indispensable product for those who keep the orthodox positions, it's beautiful, very nutritious meat substitute, to digest much faster and easier, because it has no fat components inherent in meat.
However, do not think that belonging to the legume lentils makes uncomfortable for cooking. It does not need to soak, just rinse and remove the debris. Prepared according to the lentil varieties from 20 to 40 minutes to salt the dish is in the end. Lentil prepare delicious salads, soups and purees. In the food also consume lentil sprouts, which are nutritionally not inferior to wheat germ.

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