Hazelnut oil (hazelnut): composition, properties

Hazelnut oil (hazelnut): composition, properties
 Hazelnut oil is obtained by cold pressing of hazelnuts. The composition of this oil is incredibly rich in various minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins and their properties almost nothing different from olive oil.

Its popularity hazelnut oil began to acquire only in the 70s of the 20th century, when they were fully disclosed its curative and taste. This oil is useful as much protein as meat in bulk, but it is absorbed by the human body much easier.

In hazelnut oil contains very little saturated fat, as a result of regular use of it in food risk of developing cardiovascular disease is reduced by almost half. By their nature, minerals and vitamins hazelnut oil is not inferior to most known for a long time and consumed vegetable oils. Nutritionists recommend them to enrich your daily diet, in addition, hazelnut oil has a mild pleasant flavor and delicate aroma of hazelnuts.

In more detail about the hazelnut oil composition, it is the biggest number of unsaturated fatty acids among other vegetable oils. Mainly oleic acid is also present linolenic and linoleic acid. Trace elements are represented by zinc, sodium, cobalt, phosphorus, iron and calcium, and among the vitamins - C, E and Group B.

Hazelnut oil is a good source of protein, and it can safely be used in the diet vegetarians. And thanks to the low content of carbohydrates and it is suitable for people who are overweight, as well as for diabetics. Energy value of this oil is quite high, and therefore it is recommended to drink with exhaustion, heavy physical exertion, fatigue.

Hazelnut oil characterized as regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, whereby it is often used in cosmetics and the treatment of certain diseases. Using this oil may be derived from an organism accumulated slag, improve liver and intestine. Hazelnut oil is effective as the prevention of atherosclerosis, and many cardiovascular diseases need to maintain visual acuity.

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