Drink or eat vitamins?

Drink or eat vitamins?
 Vitamins - biologically active substances necessary for a full life and human health. For the first time talking about their use in the 60s of the last century, and before that the only real doctors guessed about their positive effects on the human body.  

However, I have to say beriberi modern people are not threatened. Is that in the wilds of Africa or the Amazon tribes still exist, are not covered by the universal fortification.

Public opinion is, vitamins need to drink, the more necessary if you are sick.

Vitamins and fruits and vegetables

Look at it sensibly. Fall, winter and spring are in our country the most "common cold" period, when all the doctors unanimously recommended to drink vitamins. And this is understandable. It was during this period humans lacking the simplest sunlight, which helps the development of vitamin D, and vitamin C helps fight toxins that occur in the body during illness.

Well, except for vitamins, intelligent people from all sorts of gear advised to eat more fruits and vegetables. And, you can drink a decoction of herbs. All this is true, but in order to get the daily required dose of the same vitamin C per day will have to eat a kilo of lemons. Yes, and trace elements in winter fruits and vegetables is not enough. In addition, heat treatment destroys many vegetables are useful properties.

That's why the thought comes that it is necessary to drink vitamins. And each day. But what about before you ask, people treated without vitamins? And here's the answer. Bad they were. Mortality was high and the low average age of life. You want to live to a ripe old age ?!
And then, and more

But, of course, fruits and vegetables are also needed in the diet of a person. This fiber, rich in protein and carbohydrates. It contributes to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system. Therefore, in the summer and early autumn eat natural wholesome vegetables and fruits. Especially environmentally friendly grown on their own beds. But this is not enough. Even if you drink fresh juice three times a day.

Do not forget about the techniques vitaminov.Tem more if you suddenly feel lethargy, weakness, drowsiness. These are the first signs of hypovitaminosis - lack of vitamins. You can use any vitamins, according to your abilities. Certainly better if they would be the largest set of trace elements, but also ordinary askorbinka help support the weakened body.

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