Diet during menopause

Diet during menopause
 Menopause is associated with global changes and hormonal changes in women. Survive this difficult time to help exercise and proper nutrition. A balanced diet will allow you to get together with all the food you need vitamins and minerals, and, in addition, you can avoid being overweight, which in this period significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Optimal at this time for your food to be the Mediterranean diet, which is based - fruits, vegetables, seafood, fish, poultry, dairy fat products, nuts, olive oil. As a source of vegetable protein, it is recommended to periodically add soy diet products. Especially effective is the diet combined with ample fluid intake and regular exercise.

Since estrogen is produced in the body to a lesser extent, compensate for their lack of fitoestogenami contained in soy-containing foods - cheese, tofu, soy milk and beans, as well as legumes and cruciferous vegetables - cabbage.

At this time, decreases the amount of calcium in the bone, so to avoid osteoporosis, be sure to include in the diet of dairy products and eggs and fish that contain vitamin D, which accelerates the absorption of calcium by the body. Note that the lower the fat content in milk does not mean that it is smaller and calcium. And it is better to limit the consumption of coffee and chocolate, they contribute to the removal of calcium from the body and increase the pressure.

During this period, many women suffer from a sharp rise in pressure. Not to provoke such attacks, eliminate fatty foods - meat, sausage, sour cream, cheese with a high content of food, all sharp and salty. Do not eat even salted, pickled vegetables. Discard the butter, cook in vegetable. Dressings were made of lemon juice, honey and olive oil.

Drink fruit juices, sodas, any should be excluded, but a glass of dry red wine from time to time you can afford and need in a dark grapes contain a lot of phosphorus required in this period your body. A lot of it in calf liver, buckwheat, fish and eggs.

Include in the diet more whole foods - bread made from whole wheat, rice, oats, wheat, buckwheat, beans, which contain B vitamins, and minerals, fiber, fatty acids.

As a source of unsaturated fats, eat avocados, nuts, olive oil and sea red fish, meat which contained a large number of fatty acids Omega-3.

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