Coffee for every taste

Coffee for every taste
 Coffee - a drink, loved by many. Coffee lovers know all about what he is species and how to cook. And those who rarely drink coffee, but only by going to a coffee shop with friends, can be a bit amazed at what a variety of coffee drinks and coffees available in the menu. Unknowingly in the coffee world and it is easy to get lost!

There are several kinds of varieties of coffee beans are used to drink two varieties: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica - slightly elongated grain, beautiful shape, often slightly curved depression in the ground and is similar to the Latin S. robusta - other coffee beans, they are round in shape. Robusta taste is not as refined, it has more caffeine. For good expensive Robusta blends are not used, but sometimes it is added to reduce the price of coffee. The basis for all quality blends and varieties of coffee Arabica it is. There are other varieties of coffee - and Liberica ekstselsa, but they are almost never used.

The most popular type of coffee - is espresso. Prepare it can only be in a coffee machine. Shot of espresso is small - 30-35 ml, it is very strong, but if the barista at the coffee shop knows his stuff, then you can try the real taste of coffee, it is very fragrant, slightly bitter and sour, it's delicious coffee with a very pleasant aftertaste. Espresso drink quickly, sometimes adding sugar. This is ideal when you go to work and went to a coffee shop for your morning cheerfulness share. A well-made espresso crema there. Many other types of coffee prepared on the basis of espresso.

Ristretto - it's almost espresso, only water is taken less than 20-35 ml. He is considered an authentic Italian coffee drink without sugar. Before you drink a ristretto, a little sip of cold water, which is always served in this type of coffee.

Cappuccino - one of the most popular types of coffee. This espresso is added to the steaming hot frothed milk. It is believed that invented cappuccino Capuchin monks who invented this drink for a method of supplying hot steam for frothing milk. Is considered ideal for cappuccino milk fat 3, 2, or 3%, 5%. The ratio of milk foam and espresso should be 1: 1: 1. Usually cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon or draw on the Skin patterns.

There is an interesting kind of espresso, in which the foam is placed on top of coffee, milk and espresso but do not mix, he called Torre. Foam is located in a cup in the form of towers height of 1, 5-2 cm.

Latte - coffee, cappuccino-like, but it is much milk anymore. It is served in a cocktail glass, coffee, milk and foam arranged like layers. The ratio of frothed milk for espresso in latte is 1: 3.

US - this is when the espresso diluted with hot water to a less concentrated state.

At home, you can make coffee in the French-press, cook in Turku, or make coffee in the east. French Press - a nozzle having a plunger-filter. There poured coffee, pour boiling water, then slowly lowered to the middle of the piston and raise the back. After 8 minutes the present coffee (this time is considered ideal for French-press) - it can be drunk. Coffee in the east - is about the same, only without the press, just brewed coffee in a cup. Too many home brewed coffee in Turku - the methods and tricks here there are so many.

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