Calorie foods: our stomach have equated to an oven!

Calorie foods: our stomach have equated to an oven!
 Anyone who watches her figure and weight when choosing products in the supermarket necessarily studying cherished numbers on the packaging - the number of calories. For some it comes to phobias, they even take a calculator, going for the food, and carefully calculate everything. Needless to say that these people often indulge in all sorts of goodies, and if something and decide to afford, then immediately calculate how many miles they then need to unwind on a stationary bike or treadmill. This price goes to a momentary weakness. And what actually lies behind the indicator of "high-calorie foods"? Hardly know for sure even those who are so thoroughly calculates.
 Meanwhile, experts under calorie understand the number of units of energy released by burning the product in a laboratory oven. What do we have? - Those who diligently counting calories equates his stomach to the furnace? And what's even funnier, hoping thereby to lose weight or to keep yourself in good shape? Anyone who knows what it was about, grins and says that these actions remind people try to learn from their future horoscopes, which prints the weekly "Water supply and sanitation."

What makes our body when we sit down on a diet, ie restrict your diet in favor of a kind of low-calorie foods? The body begins to withdraw the maximum possible amount of calories from dietary products. In short, he somehow takes what he wants. If we do gluttony, not limiting themselves to the consumption of food, the body again was very wise - he will "encapsulate" the surplus and quickly pull them (to free yourself from them), almost without taking energy (read: calories), even from the most fat and sugary foods.

Someone might start to challenge the last statement, demanding evidence. And the same is the evidence! Remember the holiday feast in the Russian tradition (yes, indeed, any other) with an abundance of fatty, sweet, easily digestible dishes. Yes, if our body is not "capsulated" surplus and not quickly output them (note, nothing for himself of them taking), cracked at the seams have all our fancy dress and pants. No one counted these same calories, received into the body of one, for example, Christmas feast? It's almost night, during which tens of thousands of notorious absorbed calories! And if you believe the doctrine of the holy influence of caloric content of products to increase or loss of weight, where does such an enormous amount of energy? Why do people after the same endless New Year holidays are not "Bunnies"? And if they put on weight, it is only about a kilogram or slightly more than that? And why, on the contrary, a man sitting on a strict diet, then released from it, but continue to limit yourself in food consumption, weight gain begins abruptly and soon no effect on his diet is not a trace left?

The answer to all these questions is ridiculously simple - the body knows himself and because of this knowledge itself regulates the amount of energy that it needs to "take away" from the product to function properly, and all surplus (at the moment), he just throws (displays as unnecessary) . And act exactly the opposite, if the incoming food is not enough. Conclusion: Trust your body! Him, not quite abstract and abstract figures in the table calorie foods. They, these numbers can be theoretically verified and accurate, but - remember! - Exclusively with regard to the laboratory oven and fire in it, and not the human body - a complex and unique structure.

And finally, the most compelling argument and the most lethal argument that counting calories is, useless occupation - is the absence of at least some (though even ephemeral) binding of the most calories in the process of metabolism (metabolism) occurring in any human organism. This procedure is complex and multifaceted, it is characterized by a number of criteria, but if you take at least one of them - the speed (namely, normal, fast and slow) - it is easy to see that it is different from all the people. For example, one person can absorb fatty soup pots, seizing dozens of ravioli and drink liters of cream and feel good at the same time, and the other from the absorption of dietary servings will sweat like a hunted bison, also very soon it will spread outwards from this minimum food. And it is - irrefutable proof of insolvency caloric theory, and yet it is there that built the vast majority of diets and weight loss methods.


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