Bracer: what and how much to drink in the heat?

Bracer: what and how much to drink in the heat?
 Do I need to drink a great position in the summer and a half liters of water a day? Calculate the amount of fluid should be, focusing on your weight, 40 ml - per kilogram. But moisture in the heat is not necessary to use all, some drinks will not benefit your body.
 If in the morning you can see the bags under the eyes, you suffer from headaches, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and menstruation lasts longer than usual, so you drink "wrong" liquid.

Especially popular in the summer becomes a brew. But this drink if it carbonated and bottled in plastic bottles, has little to do with this product. Natural kvass contains useful vitamins, enzymes and lactic acid bacteria, which makes it an indispensable drink in the summer heat. It is well to quench thirst, and normalizes the cardiovascular system and intestines.

Precautions need to be used kvass people with cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis and hypertension. If you do not suffer from these diseases, drink raise the tone and improve metabolism.

From sweet drinks no use of any heat nor cold! This drink can bring nothing but harm, it contains acid that has a gastrointestinal tract. In carbonated water a lot of sugar, which is not good. And if it contains a substitute, it also impairs heart function.

Even everyone's favorite mineral water has different effects, as both its composition is different. Better to buy this product without gas, so as not to irritate the stomach. No restrictions can drink mineral water canteen.

In the heat of good natural juice. But it is fresh and not industrial production. If you really want to drink a juice shop, take unclarified direct extraction. But the freshly prepared product will provide the body with vitamins and minerals, makes it easier to transfer heat.

Prepare more green tea ice. This drink will strengthen blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, bring harmful substances, normalize digestion. But more than necessary, you calculated the amount of fluid, even green tea drink is not recommended.

There is a very useful and easy drink - lemonade. It can make the water with natural lemon juice (10: 1). Add there honey instead of sugar, then drink slow down the sweating and cheer.

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