Bananas and human health

Bananas and human health
 Bananas - a fruit that perfectly satisfy hunger and fill the vital forces of the body. They grow in tropical countries, but, nevertheless, always available for the average buyer. In addition to its wonderful taste of bananas bring huge benefits to our health.

Banana - a truly unique piece of fruit: it can not only help get rid of extra pounds, but also to get the missing, most importantly the right to use it for food. In no case can not eat unripe fruit, as they cause indigestion.

Fruits bananas heavily saturated with potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as full of fiber, making them an excellent laxative. In addition, they contain vitamins useful for the organism as C, A and B. Potassium contained in bananas, promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the body.

For those who want to lose weight, it is recommended to include in your diet, this fruit, because in 100 grams of banana contains only 90 calories, but due to the high fiber content they quickly broken down in the stomach. They do not contain any fat, and for a long time satisfy hunger.

To set the missing pounds recommended to eat bananas with dairy products. Proteins body gets from the milk, bananas - sugar, but due to the rapid assimilation of the day, you can eat up to six fruits that will gain extra hundred calories. Even many athletes make up the spent energy during the competition with the help of bananas, the only one bite - and it is possible to set new records.

The fiber contained in large amounts in bananas, promotes a smooth operation of the intestine, in other words - emptying. Due to this property, they are recommended in the treatment of constipation and various intestinal disorders.

Many patients suffering from stomach ulcers, note that bananas soften the pain. Currently, scientists are conducting research that could confirm this fact, as well as the observation that people who daily eat this healthy fruit, less likely to suffer from stomach cancer. Perhaps this is due to the property banana envelop the walls and contribute to the restoration of mucosal healing ulcers and preventing the emergence of new wounds, but this version of the scientific researchers have yet to confirm.

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