Avocado and apricot - diet beauty hair

Avocado and apricot - diet beauty hair
 Condition of the hair is an indicator of the health of the body. Beautiful, thick, shiny hair - infrequent gift of nature. Your hair, as well as skin and requires constant attention and care.
 To hair healthy organism needs vitamins A, B, E, F, and proteins and micronutrients K, Ca, Mg and phosphorus. All of these nutrients are found in many natural foods. Successful hair care combination of vitamins and amino acids can be found in two fruits: avocado and apricot.

Useful properties of apricot were known to Avicenna. He recommended to consume fruits and tincture from the leaves of this tree to cleanse the blood and intestines. Apricot contains a large amount of beta-carotene, as well as organic acids - salicylic, citric, malic.

In addition to general health, apricot can be used to strengthen the hair. 150 grams of rice grind in a coffee grinder to a state of broken rice and brew boiling water. 200 g apricot pulp whisk in a blender and blend brewed with rice. Wash your hair with this mixture, as usual shampoo. Then rinse composition and rinse your hair with a mild solution of malic acid. Rice - beautiful adsorbent collected from the surface of hair grease and dirt. Apricot makes hair smooth and shiny, nourishes and strengthens their roots.

Avocado us came from South America. This fruit contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, P, C. The high protein content helps strengthen the hair makes them healthy and shiny.

Alligator pear (another name avocado) can be used as a mask for hair alone or in combination with other natural products. Mix equal amounts of avocado and apricot pulp, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Rub the mixture into the roots of the hair, wrap head with a towel and leave the mask on the night. Use it means 2 times a week, and one month notice result - your hair will become smooth, shiny and fluffy.

Professional cosmetologists, creators of funds for hair care, developed shampoo and conditioner containing apricot and avocado for dry damaged hair. The developers emphasize that their products contain natural ingredients. This is not surprising - the closer to nature, the more useful.

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