7 useful properties of carrot

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 Familiarity with carrots humanity is rooted in antiquity. 2000 years ago, our ancestors fully appreciated the useful vegetables and cultivated it not only as a healthy food, but also as a medicine. And nowadays due respect not only give carrots cooking many countries, but also folk and official medicine.

Even in the nineteenth century Russian surgeons have noticed that people who regularly use carrots in food, suffer less from various tumors of the stomach, intestine or liver. And in the twentieth century, American researchers have shown convincingly that carrot juice is an excellent preventive measure against all kinds of cancers, particularly lung cancer, esophagus and stomach.

Due to the high content of carotenoids, carrots effectively provides the human body with vitamins he needs. In particular, vitamin A supports vision, responsible for the condition of the mucous membranes and skin, as well as protecting the body from various infections. To obtain the required daily dose of vitamin A per day is enough to eat only 18-20 g of raw carrots.

Carrots are especially useful for digestion. Due to the large amount of pectin and fiber, it effectively stimulates bile secretion, improves bowel and normalizes it in the content of beneficial microflora. Contained in particular carrot plant secretin improves pancreatic function. Absolutely indispensable carrots and anemia. It contains copper, manganese, iron, folic acid creates a "protivoanemicheskim complex" and improve well performance and endurance of man. A glass of fresh carrot juice a day is able to protect against anemia and loss of strength even in the darkest period of the year.

In lactating women, regular consumption of carrots stimulates increase lactation and effectively reduces fatigue. In addition, carrots perfectly improves appetite, stimulates the secretion of good digestive glands, cleanses the kidneys and liver. Therefore, its use must be just the appearance of kidney stones or gall bladder.

Eat carrots best raw as shredded lettuce, seasoned with butter or sour cream. When cooked carrots rather cook a whole, so it retains more of its nutrients. Carrot juice is desirable to drink only freshly squeezed until it has acquired the characteristic bitterness. It is important to remember that the regular year-round use carrots in food can significantly improve health and protect the body from many unpleasant sores.

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