Of coffee, if you please

Of coffee, if you please
 Mankind have discovered coffee for a long time, and since this without this fragrant drink is almost impossible to imagine our life. However, coffee stands against a sufficiently large number of physicians, warning their patients from excessive consumption of this beverage. And he actually harmful? Let us look at the influence of coffee on the body.
 Of course, we should start with the arguments "for". Coffee is not at all an integral part of an unhealthy lifestyle, with whom he often associate. Coffee is only harmful if is almost the entire diet (along with most of the cigarettes) human: for example, if it is used in the hope instead wake breakfast or supper, instead of causing this lack of sleep and, consequently, constant stress.

Coffee useful for those people who have obviously slow metabolism, it speeds up the metabolism, improves digestion, activates the liver and kidneys, and also protects these organs from intoxication. However, we are talking only about the quality grades of coffee beans, and not on the solubility. And use it as a coffee costs no more than two times a day in small cups.

Moderate coffee consumption protects you from stress, because it enhances the reaction and the work of psychic system. Coffee has beneficial effects on brain activity - do not be surprised if after half an hour after a good cup of coffee you will be to think that if thoughts cleared. By the way, those who regularly drink coffee, much less likely to face prolonged depression!

Drinking coffee just before sports training is a very wise decision. The fact that this drink as "tune" the body of the fact that it is getting rid of the fat, and the fat is burned deliberately and much faster. Drink coffee, to this end it is necessary in about half an hour before training, it should not be diluted with milk or cream, and do not need to add sugar.

Coffee is able to protect us from many diseases - for example, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and strengthens the walls of blood vessels as a whole. Contrary to popular opinion before that coffee is able to cause cancer, scientists have shown that the drink, on the contrary, has a strong anti-cancer effect and can reduce the risk of cancer of the rectum, and pancreas. So boldly (but with the mind!) Drink coffee, its health benefits are undeniable.

 Author: Olga Marina's

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