Women's Depression: PMS and other "joys"

Women's Depression: PMS and other "joys"
 The human condition, which is denoted by the term depression, now become fashionable. Often this label hung on every mood, from apathy to attack the seasonal effects of premenstrual syndrome. In general, women are weak creatures and easily susceptible to unpleasant experiences.
 You may be in a bad mood as due to problems with the work and health, and because of a trifle: wrinkles, or it is not clear where there were extra pounds, or verbal altercation new guy best friend. No matter what the reasons for this unstable period, but you clearly understand that the whole world is against you.

You begin to arrange a extraordinary session of pity, do self-flagellation and destroy all the stocks in the house of sweets. Sometimes you are so fond of the process of suffering that comes out of depression did not want to. On the contrary, purchase special "tear" films, high-calorie chips and cakes. Sit back and accept curse their fate-villain.

It was then, and I want to remind women that not all their moods swings can be called a depression. There is PMS (premenstrual syndrome) - a specific health condition.

However, the stress experienced by the female body before critical days, you can survive. But if the ICP becomes a serious problem, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. You are likely to be discharged soft tranquilizers, which should take about a week before the onset of menses. They will help to remove vegetative disorders and anxiety.

The adult normal woman but PMS, there are plenty of reasons to feel depressed. But if the state of dissatisfaction with life itself, the relationship with my boyfriend reaches its climax, it can easily go into a real depression. This is a medical term that means continuous state of apathy, depression, exacerbated fears: the fear of losing the years attractiveness and beauty, or to be alone. If during the week you prefer TV to communicate with friends, it's still not a reason to talk about depression. But if the condition continues for a month, or even years, you have a problem.

Despite the approval of psychologists that a period of depression for human companions are adequate and age crises, do not take the lack of interest and apathy as the norm. In a woman's life happens and black and gray stripes. But the older you get, the less fits of euphoria and blonde streaks.

You fall into a depression, if a long time can not find a life partner. Whatever may be said strong women, to be one - difficult and unpleasant. Want some simple signs of attention, affection, warmth. But if not, then no society friends or interesting books or shopping will not be saved. You also get upset when a loved one is, but there is no understanding. You experience when he pays little attention and common child and you.

Along with PMS, postpartum depression is sometimes too serious motive to seek medical advice. Depressed mood may be exacerbated by the fact that immediately after birth can not take antidepressants, so when feeding does not harm the baby. It is important that in these moments of a woman especially cared for home. Their support will help to cope with difficulties.

In the West, a woman in most cases there is a personal psychologist, in Russia, mostly in his role as advocates close friend. This "podrugoterapiya" very effective in combating depression. Do not keep all in itself, voiced the problems to realize that in a verbal form, they do not seem so intractable.

Whatever the causes of your depression - birth, a quarrel with a loved one or a midlife crisis, you must remember that people will cope with everything, if he wants. In vain do not be sad and did not suffer: negative emotions shorten life and lead to premature aging.

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