Walking barefoot: nice and helpful

Walking barefoot: nice and helpful
 Childhood without reason called barefoot ... Walk barefoot on the sun-warmed grass, fine sand and fluffy carpet - it's like to look younger in body and soul. First there will be unusual, and then do not want shoes to extend the experience.
 Razuvshis go - nice and helpful. No wonder there was a saying: barefoot walking - to live long. Doctors recommend more often to walk without shoes (at least on a daily basis at home on the floor): thus tempered the body and strengthens the nervous system. Wandering "barefoot" person gets rid of harmful static electricity, conducting self-massage the feet and legs gives the opportunity to relax a little bit of a shoe - "breathe" and sometimes even a bit of sunbathing.

Daily walking barefoot and special exercises to help barefoot feet of many ailments. It should be like shoes, if you want to release tension and relax. After a walk comfort of your sofa or even on the floor, put on foot massage cream or oil, and expand them to yourself so you can see the soles. Firmly grasp the hands and foot massage foot with your thumbs, making a circular motion. Complete stroking massage of the feet.

If you have a headache, walk barefoot, and then mash the entire pad of the big toe.

When the pain in the back of the foot rub from the thumb down along the inner edge of the foot. First, the motion should be light stroking. Then required intensive massage. Complete the exercise should be the same as we started.

In traditional Oriental medicine believes that the massage of reflex points still have an impact on certain organs. So, the thumb is "connected" to the upper part of the head, heel - with the sexual organs, the middle of the foot - with the kidneys, etc.

Many Europeans do not wear house slippers and use every opportunity to walk without shoes. Residents of England even created a "dirty soles Society", which has already received international status. Lovers walking barefoot parks offer special walking shoes, which come to rest with their entire families. "Barefoot" communities exist on the Internet.

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