Vitamins guard your health

 We know from childhood about the benefits of vitamins, and are committed to fill them your body - and to preserve youth and beauty, and for a decent resistance to viruses and germs. But if you want to achieve the maximum effect from the use of vitamins, you need to know which fruits and vegetables they contain, what useful properties are, and how best to use and maintain - because sometimes due to improper preparation of most of the vitamins contained in food irrevocably destroyed .

Experts women's magazine cilium share some recipes, especially relevant in the run-up to the winter season.

Always ready!

To saturate the body with vitamins, enough to eat fruits and vegetables in the required amount - you need to do it on time, and do not forget about their proper preparation.

• Do not eat fruit as a dessert: once in the stomach with other foods, they immediately begin to wander. Fresh fruit should be eaten no earlier than two hours after lunch.

• If you want to lose weight, eat green apples and kiwi in half an hour before breakfast. A usual cup of tea or coffee, replace glass of freshly squeezed juice.

• Dishes from raw vegetables better to salt and sauce fill just before serving - or vegetables ahead of time will allocate juices and vitamins are oxidized by oxygen.

• Any cooking destroys vitamins. But the bigger you narezhet fruits and vegetables, the more vitamins in them will continue. Clean them just before cooking. Begin cooking is not cold and in boiling water and leave the finished products in the broth.

• Be sure to eat every day at least one teaspoon of vegetable oil, preferably olive. Firstly, for the absorption of oil-soluble vitamins is essential. And secondly, it contains vitamins for hair growth, allowing your hair to maintain shine and silkiness.

Preserve and increase

Stock up on vitamins and can be any good, that successfully practiced by our grandparents in the villages. Only need to do it right. Many people mistakenly believe that the preservation of all useful properties are lost. Conversely, in some cases the final product useful source. For example, sauerkraut, pickled apples, mashed with sugar, black currant and mountain ash, dried rose hips for you will be an invaluable source of vitamin C and can help strengthen the immune system during the dark time of the year.

How to keep the taste and aroma of berries, fruits and vegetables?

• In pureed berries with sugar, of course, more vitamins than in the jam. Enough to put 200-300 grams of sugar per kilogram of berries, hold jar in a pan of boiling water and close the lid canning.

• If you want to enjoy the winter fresh taste, fruits and vegetables are best frozen: rinse well, then dry, lay on bags - and in the freezer. Can not be washed and frozen food to defrost them in water: lost vitamins and minerals.

• cranberries, lingonberries and cloudberries can be stored in the form of pickled, cold marinade Bay: boil a liter of water with a pinch of citric acid, pepper, cloves and three tablespoons of sugar.

• Drying - another way to stock up on winter berries and fruits. They were laid out on a grid, spread out beneath a dry cloth from time to time change. Should be dried in a warm, well-ventilated area (for example, on a country attic or porch), but not in the sun.

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