Tasty and healthy: zucchini

Tasty and healthy: zucchini
 Zucchini is often called the "Italian zucchini." In fact, this close relative of the pumpkin were the first to cultivate the American Indians. In Europe, the zucchini was in the XVI century as an exotic flower. Only two hundred years later, the Italians have guessed prepared from young fruit delicious vegetable side dish.

Today there are several dozen varieties of zucchini. It can be yellow-golden, nezhno- or dark green and even variegated. Most often, this vegetable has oblong fruit, but there are instances of small round. Peel the zucchini in thinner and softer than other types of squash, the flesh - juicy and tasty.

By the number of nutrients zucchini confidently occupies one of the first places among the food. Regularly consuming dishes with an Italian zucchini, you can replenish your body with proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Zucchini is rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamins A, C, E, PP and Group B. For the high content of pectin vegetable particularly appreciated by nutritionists.

It is so easy to digest and has a low calorie, which is recommended for babies and people with diseases of the digestive system. Doctors strongly advise everyone to use the beneficial properties of zucchini and preventive purposes.

In modern cosmetics zucchini seeds are used as active ingredients in creams for oily skin. It is believed that this vegetable reduces the UV exposure of the skin and restores its natural moisture balance.

Cook zucchini not be easy. The most tasty and healthy are young, slightly unripe fruit. They can be eaten raw, even, for example, rub in a salad. Zucchini is cooked, baked, fried or grilled in a pan. Do not need too long to keep the vegetables on the plate, from this, they become watery and insipid. Do not remove the midway fruits, they contain a lot of nutrients.

Very small fry zucchini delicious whole - will turn out crispy "fingers". Of mature eggs can be cooked vegetables or mashed potatoes, which combine perfectly with the meat. Zucchini will complement almost any food set: chicken, fish, meat, cereals, pasta, salads. He balances the calories and enrich its flavor.

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