Tablets of old age. Fact or Fiction?

Tablets of old age. Fact or Fiction?
 The problem of life and its completion, the predecessor of which is old age, occupied the minds of the people at all stages of evolution. Human Biology suggests that it is impossible to avoid old age, but a generation of scholars for centuries and millennia looking for a cure.
 The basis of the existence of the human body contain certain program under which it develops, matures and dies. Recent studies show that the genetic code of a specific person even before birth, "recorded", exactly when he will die and what will hurt for life. Although not all doctors support the idea, something she seems quite rational, since it is known that many diseases develop because of predisposition and inherited. Also, some scientists believe that it is possible to know in advance how it will manifest aging and how to slow it down. Nevertheless, an effective method does not exist, however, these studies are still only at the stage of theory.

At first glance it seems that age are more afraid of women than men, but in fact it is not. Numerous polls show that the stronger sex much more experience because of the appearance of gray hair and wrinkles, because they consider themselves already on what does not fit and able only to prosizhivanie quiet evenings with his wife in front of the TV. By the way, so after a certain age, most men try to assert themselves on the side and give birth out of wedlock affair. Women, unlike men, do not try to change the world and change themselves using multiple means to care for aging skin, hair dye, and even plastic surgery. Surely it would be the first women lined up for a miraculous cure for old age, if it existed, since it would save them from the mass of problems.

Despite all the advances in science as a means of old age was not found. Health and Beauty offer only supportive therapy, which hide local manifestations of aging, but it is impossible to slow down the process. A person can not afford to intervene in the affairs of nature and change its evolution, and not everyone thinks that it is necessary to do so. That old age gives us time to rethink their lives and, if possible, to do something that has not been done before.

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