Start a new life with rice ...

Start a new life with rice ...
 Every day, many women look in the mirror and say the same thing: "It's time to lose weight." However, almost none of this is not the time and effort: that children are sick, problems at work, the husband tightly supper in front of you. Diet and exercise are transferred again tomorrow, on Monday, next month, next year. But to start a new life in the slender body is a snap. Help in this figure.

Rice - a very useful culture. It contains a lot of useful substances such as minerals, fiber, B vitamins, folic acid, as well as a bit of zinc, iodine, copper and phosphorus. Therefore, rice diets are recognized as one of the most safe and healthy at the same time effective. We are offering some of these diets.

The diet is designed for the first three days. The menu is quite scarce - there can be only one glass of brown rice a day. It is divided into three portions: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rice can be washed down with apple, grapefruit or orange juice.

This diet gives a quick effect, but it can be used no more than once a month. However, you can periodically use a menu as a fasting day.

Not less popular rice diet "5 volumes", which allows you to not only lose weight but also improve their health. It is designed for two weeks, but the gist of it is this: it is necessary to take 5 small cans and put each of them for 2 tablespoons. spoons of rice. Pour rice 200 grams of pure water every day and change it. After the rice settles 4 days, drain the water and eat cereal straight cyroy. In an empty jar, pour over the rice and add water. The next day, eat cereal banks in the second, and so on, so you'll use every day rice, which stood in the water for at least four days. This rice is saturated with harmful impurities, it is remarkable displays of salt and toxins from the body without affecting muscle mass.

And finally, the most nutritious rice diet - a seven-day. Its feature as follows: in the daily menu, there is 500 grams of boiled rice and 200 grams of additives - lean fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables. In addition, during the day can afford to a pound of fruit juices without sugar, water and tea. Such a diet can be repeated twice a month.

Remember that selecting for themselves rice diet as a way to lose weight, you should drink while potassium tablets or start eating foods that contain this trace element, for example, melon, watermelon, oranges.

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