Products for eye health and visual acuity

Products for eye health and visual acuity
 Many factors influence the sharpness of our view. It may weaken because of age, illness, long stay in the monitor screen, the habit of smoking. Fortunately, maintain the sharpness of their vision and eye health to help food - a natural source of vitamins and minerals that you can incorporate into your diet.

One of the most important vitamins for eye health is Vitamin A - antioxidant betakorotina, reception which is essential not only for prevention, but also for the recovery of visual acuity. The same vitamin in large quantities contained in the various green lettuce and cabbage. Remember that when the heat treatment lost half of useful properties, so turn on the menu dishes of raw vegetables.

Unpleasant diseases - cataract, which is the clouding of the lens, does not threaten those who love spinach and broccoli. In many of these vegetables lutein and zeaxanthin, which are useful for the lens and prevent its blurred.

Fresh fruit - the perfect remedy for the eyes. Apricots much vitamin A, blueberries, kiwi and citrus fruits - Vitamin C, ascorbic acid. With the help of the body are derived free radicals that degrade vision.

In soybeans and products thereof, cereals and olive oil contains vitamin E, a natural, a natural antioxidant, the most positive way acting on vigilance eyes. For visual acuity necessary trace element such as sulfur, it is in great quantity in the garlic and onion.

Food of animal origin can also be the prevention of eye disease and deterioration of visual acuity. Very useful eggs, which also contain sulfur and, in addition, cysteine, lutein and amino acids, preventing cataract.

Omega-3 needed for eye health can be found in marine fish, particularly in its fatty varieties: salmon, trout, mackerel.

In dark chocolate, without impurities and additives are high in flavonoids that contribute to the health of ocular vessels and cornea.

Proper and balanced diet helps prevent eye disease and ensures impressive visual acuity.

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