Premenstrual syndrome: is it possible to win

Premenstrual syndrome: is it possible to win
 Premenstrual syndrome - is a manifestation of raznolikogo pathology of the female body, which usually occurs in girls and women for a few days before the next menstrual bleeding.
 Different women's PMS symptoms are usually different, can be confusing and emotional lability irritability often appear edema (before menstruation body weight increases a little, but then returns to normal). Some women suffer from addiction to eating certain types of food, and the emergence of "brutal" appetite at all, for that then you have to pay exhausting diets or workouts. Therefore it is better to try to prevent premenstrual syndrome, to take preventive measures that will help prevent the onset of symptoms or relieve discomfort.

Many patients helps to get rid of this trouble diet, which provides a sufficient amount of fiber and reduced the amount of fluid restriction of animal fats and replacing them with vegetable oils that contain fat-soluble vitamins. Also not recommended to take any alcoholic beverages, large amounts of coffee and tea.

Healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, use in training techniques and exercises of yoga helps to prevent many patients symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Even during menstruation is not heavy exercise helps to normalize the state because in sport relieves spasms of the muscles of the abdomen and internal genital organs. Avoid fatigue - a good rest helps to normalize the nervous system.

Can be used for relaxation before menstruation relaxing bath with aromatic oils and relaxing massage, which is a complex of spa treatments. Help cope with the first symptoms of help decoctions of herbs - lemon balm, mint, oregano, sage, sweet, horsetail. You can also use the pharmacy preparations made for extracts from medicinal herbs.

If PMS symptoms greatly harassed a woman, you should consult a gynecologist who will prescribe medication that state.

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