Is it bad coffee, as they say?

 Where does the belief that coffee categorically harmful to health, now hardly anyone remembers, but the view is so firmly entrenched in the minds of men that the blame for all the trouble we are in unison with health blamed on flavored drink. Meanwhile, coffee has been used since ancient times as a cure.

Eastern sages and healers using coffee "accelerated thought", "A merry heart" and treated with a huge range of diseases, from scurvy to gout. Even Russian autocrats have been treated by this magic bullet, as the court doctor prescribed boiled coffee against the "arrogance, runny nose and glavoboleny." And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the headaches were treated (and continue to be treated!) With the help of coffee, no. After all, what is the main cause of migraine headaches? Cerebral vasodilation. Caffeine constricts the vessels - that's you and effect. It is therefore based on caffeine and produce a number of drugs.

I.e.,it turns out that coffee - this medicine. Respectively, and treat him to be careful, as a medicine. That's why doctors constantly warn their patients against excessive coffee drinking. Does anyone need to explain how dangerous is any drug overdose?

Yes, the coffee has a marked tonic effect. After a cup of coffee in the morning and increases efficiency, and excellent mood and cheerfulness simply valiant. But that does not mean you have to absorb coffee in liters, hoping to achieve unprecedented performance of miracles. In addition, it should be remembered that in large amounts of coffee is able to provide quite the opposite, a depressing effect.

Very often in a circle of friends can hear stories about that coffee is laxative effect, the soporific, it causes heartburn. All this is quite logical explanation. Coffee, for example, increases the acidity of gastric juice, thereby accelerating digestion. That is why the coffee was served in the East for dessert.

Many people who suffer from insomnia, doctors may even prescribe a few cups of strong coffee drink at night, because in large quantities and high concentrations of coffee can act as a sedative.

Like any medicine, to coffee there are a number of contraindications. For example, they should not get involved in people with vascular disease, suffering from atherosclerosis. Moreover, gastritis and gastric ulcer can also be a contraindication for receiving coffee. It turns out that we are not dangerous for the coffee itself, and our excessive use of it. Drink slowly, in reasonable quantities, very helpful.

Is it bad coffee, as they say? Of course, very often among the obvious drawbacks of coffee called content of danger to human resin benzopyrene. But there just need to adopt the following information: the number of the resin composition increases as coffee roasting, and therefore give preference to slightly roasted corn, and everything will be okay.

In contrast, the downside can also cause the results of recent studies of American scientists who discovered that coffee alleviates asthma and allergies. Agree, in this age of the damaged ecology is pretty useful feature, because today allergy suffers almost every second person on the planet.

Drink coffee. But drink it in reasonable quantities and only very good quality. And then this ancient flavored drink will not bring you any harm.