ICP after thirty

ICP after thirty
 Premenstrual syndrome is a special condition that occurs a few days before the beginning of the month. The most common manifestations of this syndrome are weakness, fatigue, irritability, mood swings. All this greatly reduces the efficiency and quality of life and physical manifestations of this condition often unbearable.
 Specialists noted that with age "force" premenstrual syndrome increases. Thirty years only about 20% of women subject to this syndrome, but after thirty women suffering amount increased almost three-fold. Quite often, the first cases of PMS fixed after birth, due to hormonal changes, and women suffering from overweight, have more severe manifestations.

Premenstrual syndrome is not fully understood, moreover, modern medicine knows little about this process, since it drew the attention of only 30 years ago. Before it was thought that irritability is a manifestation of bad character, and physical illness is simulated.

For a woman, after thirty years of PMS is not just a temporary inconvenience, but even the basis for a comprehensive medical examination. Prescribed by a doctor, it can be treated, but it is advisable to try to get their own control over their own bodies. This may help some simple tricks such as sports, specific diet, aromatherapy, vitamin, and even medicinal plants. They are best suited for removing the spleen and toning the body, but they also can be used as an analgesic.

Despite the fact that such agents may seem inefficient, they can significantly improve the health of women and reduce the severity of symptoms. If at all the recommendations relief does not occur, the woman after thirty should definitely seek medical help. Your doctor may prescribe symptomatic means for solving the problem, but it should be remembered that although thirty years woman feels healthy and full of energy, menopause is not far off and too vivid manifestation of PMS symptoms can be a sign of disturbances in hormone levels. Although this condition only lasts a couple of days, do not give up medical care, as perhaps the doctor can easily help in solving this problem.

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