How to check visual acuity

How to check visual acuity
 To maintain a high-level vision, you should regularly, at least twice a year, to be screened in the ophthalmic clinic or, in extreme cases, in a simple doctor okkulista. This survey includes the identification of the ability to distinguish color and detail at close and long range identification of possible defects. However, sometimes time trip to the doctor is not. Then the visual acuity is quite possible to check at home.
 The most common way to test for a range of a table-Sivtseva Golovin. Of course, it can be found on the Internet. But it must be remembered that it must conform to the dimensions established by the Ministry of Health. The table has 12 rows of symbols and letters that decrease downwards. In the construction of this table based on the principle of the decimal system, that is, each line read increases visual acuity at 0, 1. This is to be placed on the wall so that its lower part was located at a distance of 120 cm from the floor. The distance between you and the table must be at least 6 meters. Each eye alternately try reading the lines in the table. If you have any difficulties, consult a doctor.

 Ophthalmologists quite skeptical about such home inspections, perceiving them rather as an exciting game. They say that even with a professional table, at home to determine visual acuity can only be very roughly, because there is no opportunity to observe all the scan settings: lighting, distance, contrast characters. In addition, to determine what glasses or lenses are needed, can only be experienced ophthalmologist. Independent selection can only make the problem worse.

In addition to the test-Golovin Sivtseva to test near vision use special cards with typed text on them. It is divided into paragraphs and each paragraph typed letters different in magnitude. Plates kept at a distance of about 35 inches from the eyes.

And in order to choose the right glasses or lenses, conduct a study of refraction. Its essence is that selected for each eye lenses of various diopters. And when the patient is determined in which of them he sees better parameters are recorded in the recipe for the selection of glasses or lenses.

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