5 products, prolongs youth

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 All people, no doubt, want to preserve youth as long as possible. For this purpose they perform certain daily treatments and manipulations with the face and body, rather, with the skin. But do not forget that healthy and young is much more important to be on the inside than the outside. This will help you some food.

It turns out that some products allow to prolong youth. And they are quite hard to find and get. They are abundantly present on the shelves of any store or market, and some of them you can grow your own hands.

 Apples - delicious and incredibly healthy fruits. They contain a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. Thanks to these juicy fruits prevents the emergence of wrinkles and hair loss. In order to be bone, heart, blood vessels. Reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, asthma and Alzheimer's disease. Even apples help you in the fight against obesity, as well as help control it.

 Tomatoes. They, as well as apples, contains large amounts of antioxidants. That these substances are well absorbed by the body is subjected to thermal processing tomatoes (cook, bake, cook for a couple). Also, these vegetables are a source of vitamins A, K, S. Even they contain elements such as potassium and iron. Those who regularly consume tomatoes are good and healthy bones, teeth, skin and hair. Thanks tomatoes reduces blood cholesterol levels and normalizes blood pressure.

 The following paragraph are spices and herbs. About them sometimes forget and do not use in cooking, but in vain. For example, cinnamon lowers cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and improves bowel digestive system. Rosemary protects the terrible cancer. Paprika and cayenne pepper regulate blood pressure and improve blood circulation, and ginger helps with pain in the joints. He also is an excellent remedy for motion sickness. Varieties of spices great multitude, so the list can be endless.

 White tea. We all know about the usefulness of green tea, but tea is a product of the youth white. It is made from immature plants, but rather, their kidneys, which are coated with white fluff. White tea contains more antioxidants than green. Therefore, it serves as an excellent prevention of cancer, strengthens the gums, teeth, bones, lowers blood pressure, protects the heart and blood vessels. White tea also helps to make the skin supple and elastic.

 And finally let's talk about fish. She has always been very good for health. Fish, especially marine, rich in protein, antioxidants and essential fatty acids Omega-3. Eating fatty fish (salmon, white sturgeon, herring, sturgeon, etc.) strengthens the circulatory system and improve immunity. People who regularly include fish in your diet, do not have problems with the skin. They are not afraid of such inflammatory diseases such as acne or acne.

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