Vitamins for beauty nail

Vitamins for beauty nail
 Smooth, strong, healthy nails accentuate your attractiveness, grooming, perfection and point to the well-being of the whole organism. Therefore, the visual correction and cosmetic pedicure may not be enough to nail beauty shone. Should take care of the hands and in other ways, namely: to adhere to the rules of a balanced diet and do not neglect taking vitamin complexes.
 Knowledge of the beneficial effects of vitamins on the health of nails will form a diet that will have a therapeutic effect for nails. Vitamins are essential nail plate: A, B, C, D, E. Foods that should be included in your menu should have sufficient content of these vitamins.

Vitamin A with regular admission to the body strengthens nails and provides them with good growth. If vitamin A in the body lacks nail delamination starts to appear transverse grooves. Vitamin A is found in liver, eggs, butter, milk, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, green.

Vitamin B is responsible for the formation of keratin - a protein that forms the nail plate. To marigolds were smooth, nice color, were strong and unbreakable, enter in your diet beer trembling, cabbage, eggs, wheat germ.

With a lack of vitamin C nail beds are lumpy, unattractive deformed, can be bent inward and grow. Vitamin C protects against fungal diseases. According to the vitamin rich all citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, peppers, apples, rose hips, cabbage, etc.

Vitamin E rescues from the bundle, excessive elasticity, fine polish, prevents burrs. Moreover, this vitamin can slow the aging process and in particular the hand. Vitamin E rich in all vegetable oils, almonds, peanuts and other nuts, egg yolks yachnye.

The hardness of the nail - the paramount performance of their health. To strengthen them, should not be neglected minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, silicon, sulfur, iodine, zinc, iron. Calcium deficiency provokes a bundle of nails. Replenish calcium can regularly consuming dairy products, cheese, fish (bream, sardines, bass), as well as sesame seeds, dates, almonds, figs. Silicon deficiency leads to dullness, brittleness, dryness of the nail plate. Eat beans, green vegetables, bananas.

Iron - a cement nail. Its deficiency can be detected by pallor, ribbed vertical grooves on the nails. Fills this trace mineral consumption of lean red meat, beef liver, fish, eggs, cheese, seafood, peas, seeds, dried fruits, pomegranates and apples.

Sometimes the nails can be seen whitish spots and dots with ragged edges. This is a symptom of zinc deficiency in the body. His make up green peas, beans, cauliflower, apples, wheat.

Iodine is responsible for the growth of nails, the body it comes from the sea kale, spinach. Alcoholic solution of iodine can cover the nail plate and outside.

If the nails do not look healthy, become brittle, ribbed, yellow, stratified, advised to undergo screening for diseases of internal organs. In case of failures in the body after treatment and improve the appearance and condition of your marigolds.

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