Ultrasound examination: Pros and Cons

Ultrasound examination: Pros and Cons
 Modern medicine allows you to not only two-dimensional, but three-dimensional An image of human organs by ordinary ultrasound. However, this procedure is not only beneficial to the human body - some of its disadvantages have questioned the use of ultrasound diagnosis unless absolutely necessary.
 Ultrasound examination of tissues and organs does not require you effortlessly on preliminary preparation for the procedure.

Stomach and other organs are diagnosed with gastrointestinal empty stomach, and gall bladder and reproductive system after the filled bladder. Histology, gastroscopy and other methods of obtaining information on the state of internal organs require much more careful preparation - for example, to evaluate the internal state of the stomach has to swallow a special hose, previously sprinkled throat lidocaine to minimize the gag reflex. However, the discomfort is still enough to remember then gastroscopy with a shudder.

Modern 3D-technology provides the most complete information about stostoyanii your health.

The three-dimensional image on the screen will let you see the future baby in all its glory, and the doctor - to focus on the study of the exact location of stones in the kidneys or gall bladder. The more expensive and modern appliances, the brighter and more realistic picture is on the screen.

Ultrasound reveals severe disease and mutations in the human body at a very early stage, that is the key to the future successful treatment.

Stomach ulcer, inflammation of the prostate, uterine fibroids - these dangerous diseases are effectively treated when detected early availability of the patient. Moreover, regular ultrasound control allows you to control the progress of the treatment and make adjustments to the applied technique to get rid of the disease.

It is proved that 3D ultrasound can harm future baby and even cause him physical pain.

The reason lies in the duration of this procedure and the characteristics of the structure used for the diagnosis of the beam. Forty-minute research is beginning to bear the discomfort the child from the first 10 minutes. Then the beam begins to hurt him - in late pregnancy the baby may even start to push hard, showing my mom that he dislikes. Therefore, think twice before agreeing to such "advanced" diagnosis.

Too heavy use of ultrasound diagnosis harms the body's cells at the genetic level.

Even 20 years ago, doctors have proven harmful use of ultrasound technology more frequently than once a month. Under the influence of the beam can significantly change the structure of the cells can begin mutation and irreversible change of blood. Therefore it is better to resort to other methods of investigation of the problem, if the doctor insists on a regular assessment of their condition.

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