Therapeutic mud: health benefits

Therapeutic mud: health benefits
 Therapeutic mud created by nature itself. It is a mix of water, minerals and organic substances, residual sludge, clay rocks or peat deposits. Therapeutic mud quite plastic, so it is used for a variety of treatments (baths, applications, wrappings).

The structure includes a plurality of therapeutic mud compounds vitamins and minerals, organic and inorganic chemicals, enzymes, and are present in certain kinds of hormones, antibiotics and even. It can be used as an independent therapeutic and cosmetic agents, and as the basis for the creation of other drugs. Therapeutic mud is not only able to provide a healing effect on the body, but also clean it, while possessing bactericidal action.

During the various mud treatments body surface temperature increases, which helps to speed up metabolism, improves blood circulation, promotes healing of minor wounds and fractures. Microorganisms that are part of the curative mud, getting on the skin, clean it.

Mud therapy can have a positive influence even subtle inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, the mud therapy enhances immunity, positively affects the psychological state of man, the hormonal processes in the body.

Therapeutic mud used in cosmetology. Many beauty salons actively offer services to its customers mud wraps, mud masks and applications. It may be applied not only dirt but also its combination with algae, salts or clay. This procedure is to achieve the best effect is sometimes accompanied by a massage.

There is a happy diseases for which treatment is indicated mud. This disease of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, arthritis, etc..), Urogenital system in men, gynecological problems in women, skin and ENT - diseases. In addition, the mud is used for rehabilitation after injuries and poisonings.

However, treatment with mud and has a number of contraindications. It is impossible to carry out such procedures for pregnant women, people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, TB patients, as well as suffering from a chronic lack of energy.

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