The healing properties of metals

The healing properties of metals
 What has long been known and used traditional medicine, is gradually becoming a arsenal of official medicine. Properties of metals, positive impact on human health, are used more and more widely. Devices for the preparation of the "gold" and "silver" water sold in health centers. A decoration of various metals, it turns out, can be worn for health promotion.  

Metals, as well as other natural objects, impact on man and his health. Traditional medicine has long been used as therapeutic agents metals.

Methods of using the healing properties of metals

• Wearing metal objects on itself;
• Applying metal objects to the affected area;
• Preparation of healing "metallic" water (gold, silver, and others.). To this metal vessel was placed in pure water and kept there for some time. Then use this water for drinking, lotions, etc.

The healing properties of individual metals

• Gold enhances stamina, strengthening the heart muscle. Gold soothing way affects the psyche: it relieves depression, facilitates seizures. A thin gold chain around his neck to make a calm and balanced excitable, nervous child.

Gold activates blood circulation, helps to normalize high blood pressure. Gold jewelry helps with osteochondrosis, joint and muscle pain, liver diseases.

The most powerful healing properties have old gold items transmitted in the family from generation to generation. Recently bought gold accumulates medicinal properties only gradually.

• Silver is known primarily for its antibacterial properties, the ability to disinfect water. Silver jewelry due to the healing properties of silver to help in curing skin diseases and festering wounds - silver ions reduced the protective properties of the skin.

Wearing silver jewelry stimulates active brain, prevents the emergence of mental illness, strengthens the immune system and improve blood composition.

If a man wears long silver, it subtly responds to changes in its physical and mental condition. Traditional healers have long known that if a silver ornament on the human body darkened - a sign of developing the disease. Passes the disease - and silver brightens again.

• Copper is widely known as an analgesic for bruises and bruises (applied to the sore spot old copper coins, and if they stick to the skin, to hold until the pain subsides).

The healing properties of copper are used for stress relief, to improve liver function, to normalize metabolism.

• Tin useful for respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases. Wearing a tin helps weather-sensitive people find it easier to carry the influence of magnetic storms. Tin helps to stabilize an unstable psyche, increases self-esteem insecure person.

The forces of nature are inexhaustible, and properties of metals, as well as all natural objects, can be used to enhance human health.

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